This is a documentary of my lifestyle changes including diet & exercise, to not only lose a lot of weight but live a healthier more active lifestyle through doable permanent changes!
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Hello everyone, I now it has been awhile and I hope this video explains my absence and we can pick it back up. [video link="" width="100%" height="350px" border="no"... Video inside!

I am back, did you miss me? [video link="" width="100%" height="350px" border="no"... Video inside!

Sorry it was late, but I was on vacation. [video link="" width="100%" height="350px" border="no"... Video inside!

Weigh in Monday!  This week is the same, no lose no gain.  Which I am ok with due to lack of exercise and time.  Now I am focused on vacation to Florida and some time away. [video link="" width="100%" height="350px" border="no"... Video inside!

Well, today was a fun day, I took off half a day and spent the afternoon with Kaitlyn.  We had lunch and made some pottery to start the after noon.  After pottery we went to Safety Town for some bike riding, Kaitlyn not me.  Kaitlyn feel to start the session off, but she got back up... Video inside!

Another Weigh in Monday! Sad face.  Today's weight was 270 lbs that is up 3.2 lbs.  That is disappointing but I can understand due to the lack of workouts that I have had over the past two weeks.  No excuses but something to work on. [video... Video inside!

Today is Weigh in Monday, and I had a successful weigh in at 2.4 lbs down.  This surprised me due to the fact that I am battling a cold and have not worked out in the past few days.  But, I have been sticking to my diet which is helping. [video... Video inside!

Today was the last day for the official World Record Food Truck Rally and it was a gorgeous day, unlike yesterday so we hit the FL State Fairgrounds and tried a few really good items! There was a lot more than even shown in the video there but so many trucks had music I couldn't video... Video inside!

I figured I'd take you along on a small wedding shoot - it turned out to be not so exciting but the drive there was lol! Poured like cats and dogs. And people really can't drive for shit in the rain. The couple turned out to be gorgeous though and I got some sweet shots 🙂 [video... Video inside!

I thought I would take you through some new stuff I got in recently, and give an update so far on the CareKleen program. [video link="" width="100%" height="350px" border="no"... Video inside!

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