Fitbit Zip Giveaway!

3/11/13 – THE CONTEST IS CLOSED – Congratulations to ‘Sarah’!  A new Contest will start very soon!


To help promote the site I’m running the first of what will be many giveaway contests!

Up for grabs is a Fitbit Zip in your choice of color: blue, white, lime, black or pink!

From Fitbit: Get a kick out of fitness with this little device. It tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned – and syncs those stats to your computer and select smartphones. In doing so, it celebrates how much more you do each day. Zip™ encourages you to set goals, challenge friends, and go farther – one step at time. That’s how you turn everyday life into a social, achievable, awesome path to fitness.

To enter it’s simple – You just need to share this post (set to public) on Facebook and/or tweet it with the button below, then comment below with what your fitness goals are!  Entrants must have a US mailing address.  In one week a random winner will be drawn and announced.  Winner must submit contact information within one week of the notice with the color choice.

Good luck!

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17 thoughts on “Fitbit Zip Giveaway!

  1. Great idea! I’ve heard these are very cool and having been wanting to get one. I’ve recently lost 50 pounds and would love to drop at least 50 more! I would also love to do another 5k! Continued success to you!

  2. Ive been trying to loose some weight but, can’t get the motivation to eat right or go to the gym. Your new videos are giving me some inspiration. Keep up the good work! Re Tweeted

  3. im a single father to an 18 month old son, so it doesnt leave alot of time for fitness and like you i get very bored with the same ole routine…so my plan is to take my son for daily walks and maybe eventually turn that into a jog and using your great new site to hopefully learn to cook healthier for both Chase and I.

  4. I would like to lose around 50 points off my current weight; furthermore, I would like to do some light weight training in order to strengthen up.

  5. Awesome idea! I liked it in FB. My goals are to just be able to run distance races with my friends when they ask…like the occasional 5k, etc!

  6. Tweeted. My 12 year old son and I are both dieting and exercising together. We have been watching your videos together every day. My goal is to teach my son how to live healthy and for myself to drop about 30 pounds. Thanks for the motivation and keep up the good work.

  7. I have been training with DDP Yoga,and also mixed martial arts/boxing. I have been trying to lose some weight,increase strength and flexibility and have been learning more and more about how to maintain a healthier diet. ( I have used several of your recipes so far!) Keep on going Bryan. Its gonna be amazing when you look back at these starting point videos as a new man. Puffing on a big old Padron laughing. I know because I will be doing the same thing myself.

  8. I liked on facebook. I do about 3-4 days of exercise just start and can see a little bit of a difference but not much. Would love to loose about 40-50lbs.

  9. Right now my goals aren’t weight loss, but fat loss and muscle gain. I would prefer to stay in the 250lb range while losing fat and gaining muscle. I do have some weight to lose, but only about 30 lbs and I want to continue with gaining muscle.

  10. Hey Bryan, I sure wish I could win a blue Fitbit! Goals: 1) dedicated exercise every day, even a tiny amount on “off” days. 2) quantify my progress with my new Fitbit!

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