Day 11

Today was very tough but for new reasons  Usually my routine has been limited by my breath and heart, I can only run for so long before having to catch my breath.  But today my legs were just exhausted, I found it very hard to run at all, and did very little in the 2nd and 3rd miles.  My legs literally felt 2x as heavy.  I had another long day yesterday shooting a wedding and was up a bit late working, plus we had DST chopping an hour off my day, so I was out there at 2 in the afternoon.  I’m not worried about my time slipping though, this isn’t a competition, it’s just for my health!

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One thought on “Day 11

  1. Yes, you will have many of those days…physically or mentally off…where you just don’t feel it…good for you for pushing through it! I will stress again like others have…build in rest days…and yes, invest in a proper pair of shoes based on your cushioning and stability needs. You are rocking this! Keep it up!

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