This is a documentary of my lifestyle changes including diet & exercise, to not only lose a lot of weight but live a healthier more active lifestyle through doable permanent changes!
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Day 16

To give my knee some time to heal better I’ll do a few days of just walking to lessen the impact. I had to go to the UPS store anyway to drop off my first pair of shoes to return so I took the opportunity to walk the route and it turned out to be about the same as my normal routine! I have to hit the post office tomorrow so I’ll head over that way next. And what’s with so many people in the world with no common sense! Today there were cars all over the place as a garage sale on the major road collected stupid old people parking ON THE ROAD instead of on a side street. Yesterday I was almost plowed in to by a lady walking NEXT TO her cart on the grocery store taking up the whole damn isle, instead of pushing it like a normal person. Pet peeves of mine, both! lol

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One thought on “Day 16

  1. Hey!
    Good to hear that you will rest the knee. Another thing that I have been wondering about,.. Do you bring water for the walks? You really should, even thou you aint that thirsty its you still loose lots of water when walking in that pace.. Drink lots of water everyday is just good! And dont bother to think about the weight going up n down now, because it will take quite a while before it will be a stabilised slope.. you are using muscle you didnt before, your body burns fat but builds muscle at the same time, binds water in em etc.. lots of things going on so dont worry man! you WILL get your results as long as you just keep going. And good to hear you got rid of the head ache also.. many people talk about skipping the coffe.. but I couldnt… that aint doable πŸ˜‰ or well its doable but that kind of “diet” wasnt for me.. i just wanted to loose weight, the healthy way πŸ™‚ slow and steady. Like you said, make it a healthier lifestyle. That doesnt mean you cant eat good πŸ™‚ and drink coffe!

    Keep up the good work!

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