Healthy Living Obsession Gift Card Giveaway Contest 1

Congratulations to ‘Jill Walsh’ winner of this round! On to the next contest!

Healthy Living Obsession Gift Card Giveaway Contest 1

These contests will be a regular feature of the site, I’ve used them with great success on my other ventures! It helps me get the word out about the site and helps you guys with lots of cool freebies! In the start here it’ll all be out of my pocket but as time goes on I’m sure I’ll have some cool sponsors lined up for stuff as well 🙂

Anyway to enter you just need to share the site using the buttons below to help spread the word! Leave a comment below with what health/fitness/good eating/etc. related site you would like a $50 gift card to and you’ll be good to go! A random winner will be drawn in a week! Good luck guys!

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17 thoughts on “Healthy Living Obsession Gift Card Giveaway Contest 1

  1. While not a speciality site, I’d love an Amazon gift card. That’s where I get my whey protein every couple months. Tweeted.

    • But to play along I’d go with GNC. They aren’t my go to source but you can usually find some good bargains with sales a couple times a year.

  2. I would love a gift card to As a huge fan of the CigarObsesssion site, I look forward to HealthyLiving becoming as popular of a site as that one. Shared on twitter

  3. I should really find some more shoes and have been following to see what you end up with. I would love a card from Zappos and I shared on Facebook!

  4. Hi! I just shared this on facebook 🙂 I would like a giftcard on in case I would win! I want buy a nike fuelband to help me check that I meet my daily workout goals. If you havent read about it I can recomend that you do. Its nothing magical or such, but helps you to get a better picture how much you burn during the days, and it might be easier to set up goals and going all the way the days that you can actually see that you have points missing so to speak. Might help! Regards / Stefan Nordkvist

  5. Really like the site. Look forward to daily posts. Try Eastbay website for shoes if Zappos doesn’t workout. Drink some Kefir daily too.

    Liked on FB…

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