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20130320ng0002-EditI recently ordered new glasses since my prescription changed, and having healthy eyes is CRITICAL to my profession as a photographer! I got a new exam and prescription from a local doctor then decided to save 85% of the cost of buying new glasses by trying an online retailer, I’ll start by getting the huge caviat out of the way, it’s a SLOW process. I got mine 4 weeks from the time I ordered. But I didn’t need them in a rush and was willing to wait. If you need glass right away or are replacing a broken pair, need them for your kid soon, etc. this is not a good option. However as long as you can wait I highly suggest you try them out! The lenses are 100% spot on, construction is firm and well done. They are hand crafted, there’s a couple points that aren’t cosmetically perfect but I’m the only one that will ever know. Overall I’m very happy! You can use code IFXUJEB8EA to save more on an order if you want to try them!

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