HLO Gift Card Giveaway Contest 2 - $50 Visa

3/28/13 – Congratulations ‘Jay Aders’! Check for a new promotion soon!

I love doing contests, it’s an easy way to help grow the site and get you guys cool stuff! To kick the site off I’ll be doing my own prizes but as soon as we get enough viewers I’ll be hooking you all up with giveaways from sponsors – but I need help first! This week the prize is simply a $50 Visa card, I think using a store card was a little too restrictive last week. To enter is simple, just share this post using the buttons below and leave a comment telling me which one(s) you did! I’ll draw a random winner in a week! Entrants must be 18 years or older and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

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26 thoughts on “HLO Gift Card Giveaway Contest 2 - $50 Visa

  1. I shared on facebook! I love your cigar and this channel and think that these contests are a great idea! Keep up your hard work and i hope that your knee is getting better too!

  2. Liked and tweeted. I missed the last contest entirely! I saw it on my phone and meant to get back to it, then this one came out. Whoops! I’d have gone for Vitamin Shop on the previous one. Anyway good luck on this site Bryan, but I wish you even more luck on the weight loss and lifestyle change. I’m constantly fighting to stay in good running shape these days – Too lazy and issues from work demotivate me entirely.

    -Tyler (maxduo on CO)

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