#TargetFail - DO NOT Order From Target.com!

So I’ve been looking forward to my bike rack for the last week and it finally arrived today. I researched brands, reviews and models and settled on the King Joe 2 because it has specific features to work with my MINI Cooper S with spoiler. Today UPS dropped off the box, the invoice has the correct part and whoever pulled the order can’t read, because it’s not the right unit. I guess ‘King’ and ‘Spare’ look the same. So after going to the store fully expecting a simple exchange and the correct item to be shipped expedited…NOPE. Target online and Target stores are NOT connected! I had to fight with a manager to even let me return the damn thing and save return shipping! They couldn’t even look up my order let alone get the right product out, and I had zero option of getting the right one overnighted. My only option was to “place a new order”. So I did. FROM ANOTHER COMPANY and I even saved $15 finding one on sale from High Mountain Sports.

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