Day 35

After another restless night I did another 4.25 mile dawn ride in the nice crisp cool air. And being Weigh-In Wednesday we had the 5 week check-in with a nice little loss, a step in the right direction! I also found and corrected the annoying noise on the bike, a small plastic cover that isn’t secured very well from the factory.

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9 thoughts on “Day 35

  1. You may have mentioned in a earlier post but what is your diet like? Are you trying to hit a particular calorie range a day or just reducing portion sizes? I tried counting calories one time and it got to where I knew it wasnt something sustainable. I think just limiting portion sizes and being aware of what goes in your mouth is important.

    • What you see me making on the site is what I’m eating – nothing out of the ordinary, just cutting back portion sizes and not eating late. Normal stuff that I can easily do from now on just like my motto on the homepage says ๐Ÿ™‚

    • And I have no idea exactly how many calories I’m eating, I’m certainly not going to be tracing for the rest of my life. Whatever I’m at now is right now obviously ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hey Bryan keep up the great work! just a pointer for you on your rear brake, you want to brake pad closest to the wheel to be as close to the rotor as possible with out it rubbing. with the mechanical disc brakes the only pad the moves is the outside pad. hope that helps you!

  3. One of the things you might want to consider “benchmarking” as you continue down the path of healthy living is your blood pressure. If you don’t have a pressure cuff, walmart and most other drug store usually have a machine you can use for free. My blood pressure came down a fair amount as I loss weight – a nice added bonus – and great for the heart.

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