Day 43

Today was another day of multiple firsts – first time using the bike rack, first time with two bikes on the bike rack, first time on the Pinellas Trail, first time going for 15+ miles and first time over 1 hour of time lol! We really are lucky to have all kinds of trails around here, over 100 miles of them easily just going one-way. We rode from Dunedin to Tarpon Springs then back again, and it was ENOUGH. What’s really cool is using the trails, time and miles FLY by, day and night from doing the neighborhood. After 5 miles I didn’t feel anything and even at the end it was my rear end that was done, not my legs. The fast sprint around here gives my legs and heart more of a workout, but going for the hour+ sure burns more calories. In the end we did 15.2 miles in 1:11 with a couple stops for filming and checking out a park, burning an estimated 1450 calories each. The only downside is time. I left the house at 8:30, got back at 12, that’s just too huge a chunk of my day to do on any kind of regular basis. But I will slow and extend my normal routine here in between trail excursions, for sure.

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One thought on “Day 43

  1. Awesome guys! Hopefully Dave continues to make guest appearances in your videos. Wish I was there to bike with you guys…trail looks awesome.

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