Day 68

Another day of HARD yardwork, this time cutting down several huge dead branches from the front oak tree, and many more smaller ones that were ready to fall, plus some that were already on the roof. After I got everything down I chunked them up with the chainsaw and burned them out back, the fire is still roaring as I type! What an upper body workout – I counted over 250 saws per branch! mental note, next time wear gloves…got some blisters 🙁 I stopped at the nursery on the way home from taking my buddy home this morning and ordered 15 more carolina jasmine bushes. I want to round out the back yard and plant some in the front to cover the ugly redneck fence the neighbor put up. Then a few more car loads of mulch, another sprinkler addition and I should be all set! I might get rid of the grass all together in the back, maybe do some kind of yardscape, paver stones, etc. I’ll have to think about it.

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