Day 69

Today I got a little more than I bargained for! I had a lunch meeting to attend over in Tampa, so I wanted to get up extra early and do a ride, but well, yeah, snoozed all through the alarm lol! Then I planned on doing a run in the park after the meeting, but wanted to do a little car maintenance first. I had been putting off cleaning my air filter, and wanted to make sure my plugs were still snug so I opened everything up before I left. Wow…yeah…the stupid foam washable filter was TOAST. Just touching it made it crumble and the car was now stuck there without an intake filter. So I trekked out to the nearest auto store and rigged up a temporary replacement FRAM air filter until the right one gets here in the mail that is similar to a K&N with pleated cotton filter fingers but it’s designed specifically for the MINI JCW intake box, so I did a good 3.5 mile ride after all. As you will see in the vid, it was 1/2 off-road too.

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5 thoughts on “Day 69

  1. All that biking you’ve been doing is building up your thigh muscles, which are the best for continuous fat burning.
    I’m sure you’re putting on some muscle mass as you take off fat which is why I believe the scale is not the best measure of progress. If you really want to track yourself closely you should probably use multiple methods, scale+tape measure+BMI if you can and of course just how you feel is what really matters.

  2. Bryan,
    Two things……..
    First) After attending a weight loss clinic for quite some time, they always taught that you will either lose pounds or inches, but never both the same week. I went in 3 times a week. We would weigh every time and do measurements once a week.
    Second) Do you think your air filter could have been the result of you “playing in the sand” a while back that night you were attempting to take pictures? Sorry to bring bad memories up, but that was the first thing I thought of.

    • That makes sense, and from this morning’s weigh-in I would agree! No the sand never got in, the air track is ram-air, it’s from stuff on the highway. There were tons of bugs and big particles in it. I think it was the bugs mainly they are like BBs.

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