HLO Healthy Eating Recipe Cream of Smoked Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

This came out crazy good – healthy, very good FOR you, filling, full of many flavors and easy to make! In fact you can take just the turkey part of this and do the best darn Thanksgiving turkey you’ll EVER have, and it only takes about 15 minutes of work, done in 2 hours no joke. This is not a cheap recipe, the turkey and the rice are stupid expensive, but necessary for the flavors. This made 2 gallons but it’s easily cut down as all my stuff is. The beer basting is optional, you can use any liquid, I simply suggest you use something very flavorful.

20130511ccst0003-EditAlso in this vid I show how to make a quick meal in the middle of the prep, doing an excellent grilled corn on the cob and turkey wings for an awesome lunch 🙂

To make this you’ll need:
Turkey – fresh NOT frozen
Green Onions
Whole wheat flour
Wild Rice
Non-fat greek yogurt
Fat-free low-sodium chicken broth
Poultry rub of your choice
Beer or liquid of your choice
Olive oil

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