Day 94

I’m really stiff and sore today for some reason and was going to take a rest day but pushed on and did a ride anyway. It was REALLY hot and muggy, I beat a thunderstorm by about 30 minutes so that explains the humidity. Normally it’s really nice here, just a mile from the coast, we always have a temperate level and breeze – except when we get an afternoon shower 🙂 I went for more mulch but they must have had another sale (that I missed) because they were out again. I need a few more car loads to finish off the project I have in mind but it’s getting there!

I’m now starting to finally turn my web attention to my own sites again, starting with a revamp of my photography site I have done dozens and dozens of designs for others, and had 4 other versions of my own over the years and never really had great luck. I tend to NOT want what everyone else is doing, even though that does get everyone else good results. I just can’t do it, I have to be different. Admittedly it’s tough knowing and seeing first hand the traffic and clients I’m missing out on. So this time around I’m at least conceding somewhat, putting in some more ‘normal’ layout and features but still being unique. I’ll give it a full season and this will be the last test. If it still gets lackluster results my experiment will be over and I’ll just go with the same old layout all the other photogs are using.

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