Day 101

Today was a total chill day, the one day a year I can without guilt 🙂 I napped, watched a movie, didn’t work much, finished the big part of the backyard project, had more of my yummy chili 🙂 We were going out to eat but the stupid sushi place the wife picked was almost 3x more than my favorite place when they have happy hour, which is every day but today. I just couldn’t do it, it’s STUPID to pay $80 for sushi one day when you can pay $30 the next, so we left. She was mad, I don’t care! I don’t like wasting money.

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2 thoughts on “Day 101

  1. Happy Happy Birthday! I always tell my wife it is just another day. I will still work that day if I am scheduled to and we can celebrate when and where we want. Do not settle for something less because it has to be done at this day and time. IMO anyway.

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