Day 103

An exciting day! I did an early morning ride, shot a ton of products in the studio, got in a bunch of goodies including my new 27″ Dell UltraSharp monitor, a new wedding album from Graphi, more cigars to shoot for an upcoming ad and release, review products and more! The new plugs for the car should be in tomorrow so I’ll be able to really test it out and make sure it’s good to go. I have a lot of stuff to do but man an I tired. It’s late afternoon and I’ve been going since about 4am!

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One thought on “Day 103

  1. Maybe you should give that new torch to the ahole neighbor kids and direct them towards the redneck shack beside you. That makes me so glad I live way out in b.f.e. where I cant hardly even see a neighbor’s house. Happy belated birthday Bryan and keep up the good work.

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