Day 113

Getting up early I trek over to my new Kia dealer to get an alignment don on my new Soul. It was just a smidge off feeling like the Toe was off and it was indeed. I compared it to our other one so I knew it wasn’t just in my head. Now it’s perfect! I had to do some hunting, thinking there’s a dead frog somewhere in my back room but I’ll be damned if I can find it. It may have just been the lingering effects of an air freshener I had laying back there for a few days in the heat, I’m not sure. Other than that I had a client come in with a new computer that he wanted built and loaded, so I’ll be doing that tonight. I also have another product shoot to do, but I can’t show it, more to-be-released cigars. I finally, after a month of listings, had a guy come buy the old 1 TB hard drives I had for sale, so it was good to give those a new home. That just leaves my 560ti video card for sale for $130, hopefully that will move soon too!

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