HLO Healthy Eating Recipe Spicy Smoked Pulled Chicken Sandwich

I of course LOVE BBQ and smoked meats, and really miss doing some of my favorites since I started doing HLO. But chicken is still awesome for you and easy to get great dishes out of, so I remade one of my classics, the pulled pork BBQ sandwich by using slow smoked chicken and great spices! The work is very easy, just trimming some fat. It’s extremely economical if you buy smart – and it’s PACKED with flavor. The spice is of course optional, season your heat to taste, but the base rub is great for anything you do in addition. The sauce is just enough to coat, nothing crazy at all.

To make this you’ll need:
Chicken (quarters or whole)
Onion powder
Chili powder(s) of your choice
Garlic powder
Neutral BBQ sauce
Apple cider vinegar

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