iPhone5 Waterproof Bike Mount Review

IMG_3904This iPhone 5 Mount from proved to be a mixed bag as far as functionality. It all comes down to exactly what you want to do with it, if it’s an excellent solution or one you’ll want to pass on.

Construction wise it’s perfect. Fit & finish is top notch, everything is solidly built and fits together perfectly. The phone is snug, the inner case is an exact fit and your phone is very well protected against everything including water. Installing the phone in the case is quick and easy and attaching it to the handlebar mount is equally simple. The mount to the bike is solid and well built, they even give you the tool needed!

The front screen is an anti-glare that works so well I wish the phone had it built in! Colors remain vibrant and clear, touch functions are unimpeded and all sun glare is removed just like a professional monitor coating. If you use headphones or for some reason need to use the lightning cable, grommets are included to slip over the cables, retaining the water tight seal as they pass through the case.

The only downside is trying to use the unit to play music through the phone speakers. With the port holes plugged to make the unit waterproof, it’s muted enough that you can not hear anything while riding. Opening the ports releases good volume, however the membranes over the ‘boost ports’ then vibrate so much it completely garbles the sound, as if the phone speakers were distorting and blowing out (they aren’t, it’s just the case rattling). So if you are like me and ride with music from the phone, pass. If you are like my wife and use headphones, it’s great!

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