Day 164

Another early start day, I got a good night’s rest and have recovered from the wedding, now on to a lot more work! lol I got coffee yesterday and totally forgot my fat-free creamer, so I had to run out to wallyworld at 6 this morning, I need it to function! When I got up I also noticed I didn’t like my haircut, it was too long in spots so I re-buzzed it myself and it was super easy in the mirror, it helps not having much 🙂 I did a morning ride and now have a ton of crap to do for the rest o the day. I filmed a video for a new magazine yesterday and finished an article for another so today it’s all my stuff, I need to do a couple cigar vids, have a lot of data entry and might start some editing on the last wedding. It’s going to take a lot of retouching so I’m not looking forward to the work, it gets tedious.

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