Day 171 & Healthy BBQ Ribs With Grilled Mushrooms

Today is Saturday and I indulged my cravings for ribs, one of my all time favorite things to cook & eat! I did them differently than any other recipe I have, using no salt or sugar in the rub just Onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, ground red pepper, chili powder and black pepper for a savory layer of flavor! I went with mango juice just because I like the flavor, having used it with my chicken frequently recently. Usually I would go with apple juice and an apple rub but that needs sugar. Using just a couple tablespoons of a light bottled BBQ sauce for the whole rack, I sided it with grilled mushrooms with a lemon pepper seasoning. It came out great! Oh yeah I also went for a morning ride and a couple stores, got in a ton of packages including my new biz cards 🙂

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