Day 175 - Weigh-In Wed

I planned on doing a ride in the afternoon but when Terminix got here to complete treatment by drilling the slab under the shower, I was informed that’s NOT the slab! lol I was like huh?! Nope, the previous owner decided to pour 3″ of thinset, which was waterlogged, over top of the slab. So I had to jackhammer it out! Luckily the guy had tools on his truck and he clocked out for lunch while I worked. I don’t have a wheel barrow, not that it would do any good in the house much anyway, but I used a kitchen garbage can to make trips outside to dump the stuff, a good couple hundred lbs worth in the end. NOW it was ready and he was able to finally get in and take care of the immediate bug problem! It’s comical at this point, what’s next? 🙂

Oh yeah, weigh-in Wed was good enough for me, still in the low 240’s but my routine was off today so it may have been a touch lower if I had followed the normal post morning and ride stuff. I’m happy though!

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