This is a documentary of my lifestyle changes including diet & exercise, to not only lose a lot of weight but live a healthier more active lifestyle through doable permanent changes!
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Day 190

A good day! FINALLY after going through FIVE roofers one followed through and it should be fixed! He found more problems that the others didn’t spent an hour looking everything over before doing the work. Fixed it all and I ended up having him do work on part of the main roof as well since he was here. He gave me a very fair price considering the cost of the materials and I know it’s not cheap, I priced it before hand. The best news is he also might be a great choice for the bathroom project, we just need to sit down and make some decisions about that soon. But we might be able to have the house back in working order by the end of the month 🙂 I got some giftcards for 10% off for HomeDepot so that will save a good chunk off the new materials. Drywall paint and trim are cheap, the rest we need to pick out.

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