Day 204

Today was an all day class – my voice is gone but we got a lot done, it was a good one! ZERO construction work. Bother were a no-call no-show, the roofer predictably so. Now he’s rejecting Ashley’s phone calls too, just like he does me. I’m still waiting to hear back from the big roofing company. They contacted me through Facebook though a mutual friend, but never replied to my message yesterday. I’ll have to call them tomorrow. I’m beat. It was nice having a stress break but now I’m really behind on the photo shoot, I want to have it wrapped and proofs delivered by Sat afternoon, I’m getting ansy with the storage here. I would love to have them out of here Sunday or Monday at the latest, it’ll depend on when the client gets a chance to review and approve the proofs.

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One thought on “Day 204

  1. It’s almost to unreal to believe omg I feel so bad for you something like this should not be happening to a person that seems so nice I don’t know you other then here and cigar obcession but you don’t seem to deserve such bull Better days ahead my friend better days I know seems like it can’t get much worse I will pray for you I hope it helps

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