Day 207

With the unintended although somewhat welcome break from the construction this weekend, I was able to somewhat get back in to my normal schedule with an afternoon ride. It was HOT and humid, as it rained all night and again this afternoon in a downpour. Not great for the roof but luckily it only dripped a tiny bit. I finished batch 1 of my photo shoot and scheduled with the store to return everything in the morning. I don’t know yet if the next batch will be ready or not but I told them I want to get it all back in a proper humidor ASAP. I also got in a cigar vid and made my all time favorite salmon recipe, smoking it for 2.5 hours to perfection! I normally just grill it for 20 min or so but there seems to be a salmon supply problem, and the only place I found with it in stock was my real good fish market who gets it from Scotland for $12/lbs. So when I get the good stuff, I do it low and slow! I’ll be enjoying my smoked salmon all week 🙂

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