This is a documentary of my lifestyle changes including diet & exercise, to not only lose a lot of weight but live a healthier more active lifestyle through doable permanent changes!
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Day 211

Finally forward progress on the shower, I believe it’s built good enough this time, it’s 95% better than the last attempt and the guy even said WOW that was so much easier. He’ll have to do a little grinding and fill on one seam but other than that I think it will be ready for a solid tile base first thing tomorrow morning. This has to set overnight, so it was a short day. That’s OK, I have an afternoon appointment here for some lens work anyway. I got the new water filter on and did a viewer suggested test 🙂 I didn’t get to the tire yet, I’ll be sure to show you how to change it when I do it. I’m off to Sams Club now for another 40 lbs sack of bird seed. They are REALLY chowing through them now, about a bag a month!

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