Day 214

I know I sound like a broken record, but, well – not much got done on the bathroom project. He started around 11, left early to go watch football and pretty much just got the shelves put in the closet and the first pass of grout to the shower floor. He won’t be back until Tuesday. I wouldn’t be shocked if this dragged on to almost 4 weeks at this point. At least *I* got some stuff done, picking up the new door and hardware, doing a cigar vid AND a new recipe vid and working on a new website. I’m testing some new video settings, trying to up my quality again from 720p to 1080p. With more and more devices now actually able to display 1080 I figured I would see if I can get a decent editing workflow to accommodate, as there will only be more and more demand in the future. I think I have my end down, it’s just more time spent waiting for the upload but I can’t do much about that without spending big bucks to go to a high cable modem plan. Maybe it’ll be worth it in the future but right now they want an arm and a leg for not that much more upload speed. They seem to think download speed is king, but we don’t even use most of what we have available now. It’s upload that I need to work! Unfortunately FIOS never got finished in this neighborhood and the few that did try it switched right back, it sucks.

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