Day 219

I took full advantage of the lull in construction to start cleaning the huge mess! It’s not only very unhealthy but VERY damaging to my computers and photo gear so it has to come off NOW! I tried our new vacuum which is awesome, but it was NOT meant for this fine powder dust and all of it’s filters clogged after just a few minutes of work. So I got a sweet shopvac that works great! Oh and yet another free truck available at Home Depot lol 🙂 My cigar client FINALLY got back to me with another batch but it was just another tiny one. I told him he needs to have triple the amount ready and way sooner, I’m not driving back and forth for a days work again. I made it clear up front they need to keep the product supply flowing, we had the same issue once before. So the rest of tonight is going to be a top-down cleaning of the whole house, then tomorrow will be shooting, Sunday editing while the shower might get some more work done to it. At least there’s no more sanding or grinding to do so it’s forward from here.

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