Day 244

I felt a bit better this morning but by the afternoon my head was back in a vice. My energy is zapped. I definitely wasn’t up for a bike ride but I did a nice walk first thing this morning while I could. I got a lot more done in the bathroom too, it’s almost ready for use! The grout is done, I siliconed all the joints and corners, just have a little touchup work after this dries and the shower doors when the parts arrive!

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One thought on “Day 244

  1. Bryan – good luck on your efforts here. I’m new to this site so I’m coming in a little late but I have a recommendation for you on an alternative to your bike work. Take a look at the Street Strider ( This is a lot more fun than a bike and gives you a much better workout for the time spent. These are great for your area and I think you’d love using one of these instead of the regular bicycle. Well worth it. They also have a tool to be able to use it indoors if you want. I’ll keep reading as a I like what you’re doing and am doing something similar myself….

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