Day 281

Today I got a lot of goodies in, the Black Friday shipments are starting to arrive 🙂 I got in some new portable lightstands and mounts, although I ended up swapping the mounts to my existing ones because I didn’t trust the new ones. Oh well they were $10. These are going to be AWESOME for travel and location work, 10x more convenient than my bigger gear. I’ll still have the bigger option for when I need a LOT of power though. I ran some errands then met up with Peter Hudson of the Phoenix Cigar Club over in Tampa, he and his brother-in-law were visiting for the day and wanted to hang out. When I got there I discovered The Cigar Castle was having a J. Fuego event night, so I ended up buying a bunch of his stuff for review later, and then Peter & I hung out with the owner, Jesus Fuego over drinks and cigars all evening 🙂 Great guys, both of um! I didn’t even think of HLO vids when I was there – but Peter ended up filming an interview with me for his site, so I’ll link that when they get back and it’s up live.

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