Day 322 Weigh-In-Wed

It’s been a while since an official weigh-in! I just haven’t thought much about it because I know I’m still in the same range as early November – and I’m good with that – for now. Today was a walk with some blabin, more updates and tests on the roof, viewer mail and more!

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5 thoughts on “Day 322 Weigh-In-Wed

  1. Bryan
    Again Great job on all the videos and again , I really enjoy cigar obsession and all the great reviews and info. since you have a guess coming over and with cold weather coming in , maybe you want to make your guess some of your gumbo that you showed on earlier HLO video, that Cajun gumbo is ideal for the cold weather. It is what we do in Cajun country during the cold snaps. again keep up all th good stuff

  2. I usually put the Spark in a half filled bottled water, mix well for 20-30 seconds. But a blender works too lol. Did it give you a boost in energy?

    • Well, it’s 8:30 now and I JUST made my first cup of coffee, so I’d put it on-par with one of the energy chews. Still nothing like a whole Monster, but it was a subtle even energy! Thanks again man!! And yup the blender is the way to go lol

  3. Roof leaks can be nuts! Had a problem with a leak in the middle of our living room ceiling – after the entire roof had been re shingled. Turns out the problem was rain – being blown by the wind – entering a tiny crack along the side of the house (where the fascia board and roof meet), traveling down a support beam and dripping into the middle of the room. Drove the roofer nuts trying to figure it out.

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