Day 339

Another full day! I finally stopped raining early this morning. The roof will be able to dry out and the guy will be back in a couple days to do more repairs. I got out some more prints in the mail then headed down to Clearwater for my first and last live remote broadcast. Overall it went great, the show itself was awesome and had a huge turnout and great response. 45 minutes before broadcast huge construction noise threatened to derail it though, and of course I had software problems that forced me to plan B at the last minute, even delaying the show start a few minutes. But I had enough lights with me to keep things looking very good so huge deal. And of COURSE I solved the problem not 5 minutes AFTER the show – it was a firewall issue with the remote network. I still have zero idea how that related to the camera software, but it did. The second I resolved the network issue POOF the picture came on. Sigh. Oh well live and learn.

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3 thoughts on “Day 339

  1. I use to ship up to 20X30’s on a regular basis and shipping damage was a major problem. I finally started putting them in a sturdy round tube (I think they came from Uline) with a little bubble wrap in each end, then I put then in a sturdy UPS triangle. That solved most of the problems.

    • That’s exactly how I did it minus the extra triangle – they are no longer available anyway. But there was no mention of tube damage…anyway I took ‘before’ pics of them this time so if there’s an issue we can narrow it down and/or use the insurance. I know they went in 100% perfect both times 🙁

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